Sesamum indicum

Sesamum indicum Linn. (Pedaliaceae) is a traditional healthy food, commonly known as Til (sesame seeds). In Vietnam, Sesame is known as the king of oil seeds due to the high oil content (50 to 60%). Sesame is not only rich in oil and protein (about 20%); also contain lignans including sesamin and sesaminol (upto 1.5%). In Asian countries, Sesame has been used to improve the nutritional status and prevent various diseases for thousands of years ago. Sesame seeds have been traditionally used worldwide as an important ingredient in the Middle Eastern cuisine such as sesame oil, sesame bars, halva and ardeh.

Sesame has been considered over a long period for its medicinal and physiologic effects. Studies have investigated the multiple beneficial functions of sesame including antiaging, anticancer and antioxidative activity, antihypertensive effects and modulation of lipid metabolism and lipid peroxidation. Their effects in enhancement of liver function and immunoregulatory and antithrombosis properties were also investigated. Sesamin is a major lignan constituent possesses multiple functions such as cholesterol-lowering, lipid-lowering, blood sugar lowering etc..

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